A Trip to Gloucester – First Blog Post

As our first assignment we were told to get on a bus to Gloucester and take some photographs of the area. The first issue I faced was that  my lens was failing to focus correctly as a result of being dropped on it’s face multiple times over the 4 years that I’ve had it. Luckily I brought a spare one with me, except it was a zoom lens. This provided obvious benefits and drawbacks, one of which was being able to take pictures of people more subtly, especially as I’m currently not confident with asking people if I can include them in a photo.


One of the places that I really wanted to see was Gloucester Cathedral, mostly because of it’s association with Harry Potter, and it did not disappoint. A photography permit is required in order to take photos of the building and so I only took a couple of sneaky shots.glos2

Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters

When I say a couple, I genuinely mean I only took 2 photographs. One of which was this one, shot off the hip, resulting in a very offset angle. The man that you can see in the photo was sat with his wife and taking photos of the cloisters. In the future I would like to have the confidence to be able to ask them for a portrait because they seemed like interesting people.


Stained glass window at Gloucester Cathedral

This is probably one of the most boring photos I took, but it is in focus unlike most of the rest. I like that you can see the graffiti, lovingly carved into this 517 yer old building, presumably by someone called Iain. glosOutside the Cathedralglos3Our whole group was briefly distracted by a cat sitting atop a car.

I found that our day trip to Gloucester was helpful for me, I was able to use my peers for technical advice and generally watch and learn from them. I was using a lens that I have only used a couple of times before on Auto mode and so I enjoyed being able to experiment with it in manual. If I was to go back and re-do it, I would take a lot more photos and not dismiss any ideas for a potential shot.




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