Experimenting With Flash

Thursday’s lecture involved us learning how to set up and use flash to adjust light levels in a photograph. By changing the aperture and shutter speed we were able to produce completely different photos under the same light conditions. To begin with it was really difficult to get the flash to actually go off and so a large majority of the photos are completely black, like this…


Despite this, between us we gradually began to get the hang of it. By changing aperture we are able to change how much light enters the camera and how much of the image is in focus.

dsc_0586This photo was taken outside with the subject leaning against a wall. As a result the background is quite bright, as the light has bounced off the white/grey surface. There is a reflection of the flash on the subjects jumper which shows that direct flash was used.


This photo was taken out in the direct sunshine, but I used f/22 aperture and as a result the subjects face is well lit, while the background is much darker.

dsc_0610Here I was photographing directly into the sunshine, while the subject is stood in the shade, the flash has allowed subject to be lit in a way that would not be possible if the photo was taken without flash. Without flash, the subject would be much more of a silhouette. A high aperture also means that the background is in focus, as well as the subject in the foreground.

Later on in the day I walked to Pitville Park and took a few more photos with my camera’s built in flash:


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