Tewksbury Mop Fair

The Tewksbury Mop Fair is an annual street fair that has been taking place since 1610. According to the Tewksbury Fair Society farm workers, labourers, servants and some craftsmen would work from October to October, then at the end of their employment they would go to the Mop Fair wearing their Sunday best clothes and carrying an item that signified their trade. A servant with no specific trade would carry a mop head, giving the fair it’s name. It is traditional for these mop fairs to take place at the end of the harvest, with only a small number of towns and villages still holding the event.

On Friday I will be attending the mop fair to take photos, this event will test my new found knowledge of flash, aperture and ISO, I will have to adjust all of these things and experiment with them to see what provides me with the best results. I will also have to make sure that all of my images are sharp, unless my intention is otherwise.

From the information I have gathered it seems as though there will be plenty to photograph, including the vendors, the rides and the attendees. I am planning on arriving in Tewksbury before the fair begins setup so that I can photograph the process. It also means that I won’t begin shooting straight away with no natural daylight. I also plan on finding a few areas that I can return to later on in the evening, perhaps places with a wall that I can use as a tripod, or a good corner that I can hide in and use to get some portraits.

I won’t have access to a speed light and so I am going to have to work with the built in flash on my DSLR to get the results that I want. The aim of the shoot is too come back with a set of clear, sharp, well focussed images, even if these are found amongst hundreds of blurry, out of focus shots.



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