Cheltenham Car Boot Sale

One of my ideas for the ‘Tales of Gloucestershire’ project was car boot sales, because I feel that they attract a wide variety of people.

Today I decided to visit the car boot sale in Southam. However I didn’t really think through how far it was. According the website they’re ‘right next to the racecourse’ and so I assumed it wouldn’t be too far to walk. I dragged along a flat mate and together we set off for the fair, except we reached the racecourse and the realised that it would actually take a lot longer than we thought, we powered on anyway and walked for almost two hours, some parts along  country roads with no pavement. Eventually we arrived at the boot fair, only for it to start chucking it down with rain and for everyone to start packing up their things and leaving. Not what I had hoped for. A few brave people remained, waiting for it to pass, which it eventually did.

We wandered around taking a few photos of the stall holders and these were some of my results. I borrowed my flat mates camera because my lens is not functioning well and I loved how quickly and quietly it focussed. Despite this, my pictures were still not all as sharp as I would have liked them to be. Looking back on the photos I kept on taking wide shots with a low aperture, which meant that a lot of the things I wanted to be in focus weren’t. I’ve learned from this and next time I will play around with it more until I get the results that I want. On this outing I also tested my confidence and asked a couple of people if I could take their photo. Some where a lot more willing than others and seemed interested in what it was that we were doing. It was rewarding when people said yes and even when I was rejected it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

I’m planning on returning next week, if I can find a more suitable way of getting there. If it’s not possible I’m going to research other boot fairs that may be easier to get to.



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