Stow Horse Fair

Stow Horse Fair has been taking place for over 500 years, every year it attracts hundreds of people to come and view, buy and sell horses.

I was pleased with several of the photos that I took, most of the people were not bothered about having their photos taken and some even asked! I found the contrast between the people interesting, many of them were dressed in their working gear and boots, while other were wearing far more flamboyant, extravagant outfits, particularly young women and girls.

There was one particular girl who was happy to talk to me, she must have only been 3 or 4 years old and was sat outside her caravan with a tiny puppy. She proudly told me that the puppy belonged to her and handed him to me, after speaking to me for a bit she took my hand and led me round the back of her parents van to show me where the puppy slept. Both her parents and grandparents were watching me from their caravans and gave me permission to take her photo and she was very willing and kept asking to see the photos after I’d taken them.


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