Cheltenham Car Boot | Tales of Gloucestershire

Today I made my way once again to Southam to take photos at Cheltenham Car Boot fair. This time I took a bike instead of walking, making the journey far quicker. As it is coming towards the end of the season there weren’t as many people there today, I think this may become a problem over the next few weeks, and so I plan on going both Saturday and Sunday most weeks in order to create as many opportunities as possible.

I didn’t take as many photos today and I don’t feel particularly happy with them. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with how often I’m missing good photos because of technical issues. My camera settings rarely seem to be correct and so often my photos are too soft or too dark, or have too much noise. I have been working on this however I don’t think that today’s photos reflected my progress very well. I now that this is a case of practice makes perfect, and I need to keep on working, photographing in different lighting and locations. When visiting the boot fair I often find myself getting so caught up with talking to the subject that I don’t give myself the time to adjust my settings correctly.

Here are a few of the photos I took today:



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