Cheltenham Car Boot | Tales of Gloucestershire

Week number 4 at the car boot:

img_0043img_9584img_9597I like this portrait of Emma, she was talking to a customer at the time and so I think it’s a good representation of her life at the boot fair. I used a small aperture, resulting in a blurred background which I think is effective. After last week, one of the things I wanted to work on was the backgrounds of my images, thinking more about what they consist of. For this photo I purposely moved to the side so that the trees and her clothing rail would be in the background, rather than just her car.

img_9605img_9621I thought that this was a good photo opportunity, the man in the van was making tea for his son on a small portable stove. However, it was difficult to light him well because he was standing in a white van, in bright light, so the inside of the van was much darker in comparison. The second attempt worked a little better because I cropped out more of the van, however I don’t think it provides as much context, or framing.

img_9626img_9672We spoke to this lady for quite a while, she was selling her huge collection of bears that she has been collecting for years because her son told her she needs to clear out her attic. After a while I realised she was the first person I photographed when  first visited the boot fair, I don’t think she recognised me though.

img_9770This was the first time I had met these stall holders, we asked if we could take photos of their dog, and went on to take wider shots. I’ve found that dogs make and excellent conversation starter and people are always happy for you to take photos of them.

img_9782img_9789I think that this is my favourite photo I took today, I think the tattoos on the hand of the man on the left are amazing, however I didn’t notice them until I was editing the photo this evening. If I had noticed them when I was there I would have asked him for a close up photo. If they are there at any future car boots I will make a point of asking.

img_9790img_9793img_9798img_9812img_9820img_9909img_9923img_9925img_9932img_9953These ladies were sat in the back of the car smoking when I approached the to ask for a photo, they agreed but then quickly put out their cigarettes and posed for me. I would have liked to have got the more candid photo of them chatting and smoking. They then went on to hand me lots of books from the car that they wanted to get rid of, which I then had to cycle back home with…

img_9955img_9983This is another landscape shot that I quite liked, I particularly like that there are three visible union jack flags. The ice cream van has the usual 1990s images and text on it, so I like that this photo looks as though it could have been taken years ago.



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