Photo Story | Proposal (s)?

Photo Story Proposal

I am planning on photographing St Andrew’s Pipe Band, a pipe band based in Cheltenham. They were founded in 1983 and on their website, describe themselves as being ‘dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Scottish skills of piping and drumming in and around Cheltenham and Gloucestershire’.

I believe that they would make an interesting photo story because the band is made up of local people and is arguably an important part of the community. I think that if I could attend some of their practise sessions and some of the events that they attend then I would get some good photo opportunities.

I could potentially focus on one or two members of the group if I find that they have a particularly interesting story which could perhaps result in some portraits as well as some audio to overlay the photos in the slideshow. If possible I would sit down with one of the members and ask them about how the group was formed and about the general history.

Also on their website it says that they have access to a group of highland dancers which is what I initially wanted to photograph but was unsuccessful in finding a professional group within Cheltenham. So, if I can attend an event with both Pipers and Highland Dancers then I think that could result in some interesting photos.

I have emailed the three people whose contact details are provided on the website and am awaiting a reply.

I have also contacted the ‘Cheltenham Scottish Society’ to see if I would be able to attend some of the events/ activities that they host. When I first discovered them I was a bit reluctant because I didn’t think that it would it would make an interesting story. However after doing some research I found out that the society was founded by exiled Scots on 30 November 1929 which I found quite intriguing. There isn’t much more information on their website and so I have emailed them to ask if I would be able to meet some of the members to find out more about it.

There are different branches of the society, including music, dancing, history and literature and so i think it would be good to explore these different parts of the society and find out what they provide for different people.

I am half Scottish myself and have spent a lot of time there and so I think that I would be photographing ‘what I know’ whilst also discovering new things. I think that there are also several potential options for the audio section of the story.


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