Photo Story | Second Shoot

Today I carried out my first proper photo shoot using a Canon 70d with a 50mm lens. On Saturday mornings the ‘chanters’ of the group meet up to practise the music on the pipes alone and then on Wednesdays they play them with a full set of bagpipes. Today was a Saturday session which takes place at Dundry Nurseries in a village hall type building. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very well lit in there and it was a sunny day and so the lighting was good.


Jerry listening to a piece of music and learning the correct finger positions. 2

Cornelius brought his full set of bagpipes along to the session and was practicing outside because he finds that playing indoors is too echoey. I found it difficult to get photos I was happy with when he was standing in direct sunlight because it was so bright and so I asked him if we could stand somewhere in the shade.3

I think that the photos I took in the shade were more successful, however quite a few of my images had sun flares in them because the sun was going down behind the building and was sat directly at eye level behind Cornelius.456

I really like this photo of Cornelius’ hands because it includes the details of the bagpipes. I also like the way the colours in the image are nearly all greens and blues which makes his hands stand out. 78

I found it difficult to get any wide shots of the subjects because I was using the 50mm lens and so next time I go I think I’ll take a wider lens and get some more context shots. 1011

When I was shooting I was taking into consideration negative space because when putting together the double page spread we are going to need to leave room for captions and titles as I have discovered in my research. 121314151617

Overall I think that my second shoot gave me a good idea of what to expect and prepare for in later shoots. I know that when I shoot next Wednesday it will be dark and so I will be relying on artificial light sources and so that will be a challenge. I think that in future the Saturday sessions will be the best opportunity to take portraits because I can use natural light.


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