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For my portrait idea I will hopefully be shooting back home in Sussex. I live in rural Sussex, just down the road from author, tv presenter, cook and gardener Sarah Raven ( . I will be contacting Sarah to ask if she would be willing for me to take some portraits of her at her cutting garden and home, both of which are featured heavily in her books and tv shows, as well as multiple magazines. If those plans fall through then my back up plan is to take portraits of my Dad, Stephen Moody, because he also owns (a less well known) business, however he has been featured in multiple landscaping publications and books as a result of the large scale projects he has carried out. He also has 2 gold and 1 silver medal from The Chelsea Flower Shows 2013-2016.

Some magazines that my portrait ideas could potentially be included in:

  • Country Living – includes articles on gardening, cooking, home life and business advice. (
  • The English Garden – high-quality coverage and exclusive photography of classical and contemporary gardens, in both town and country. Each issue contains informative plant features, practical advice and interviews with the designers and gardeners creating new trends in the gardening world. (
  • Pro Landscaper – This would be much more suited to portraits of Stephen than Sarah Raven. ‘Pro Landscaper aims to deliver actionable and inspirational business information that can help companies within the landscaping sector progress their business. We work closely with all associations and organisations to promote best practice and we will always highlight the positive aspect of the industry. Pro Landscaper brings together contractors (design & build and maintenance) and designers as well as their respective associations to unite this excellent industry.’ (
  • Landscape Magazine – Includes articles on gardening, cookery, craft, and English heritage.
  • The Garden – Published by The Royal Horticultural Society. ‘The Garden brings you all the latest news and developments from the RHS, such as shows, trials and other research activities, developments in the four RHS gardens and other aspects of the charitable work of the RHS.’ This is just one of multiple magazines published by the RHS. (

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