Street | Shoot 1

For this part of the module I have decided to go and shoot in Cardiff because it’s somewhere that I have never been before and so I think I’ll be able to look at it with a fresh outlook. Yesterday I went there for the first time  and did a bit of location scouting, wandering around and trying to find the best locations to shoot in. My original plans was to shoot in the style of Laura Pannack, taking candid shots of people doing interesting things from a distance and framing them in an interesting way. However the city centre was very busy and so it was difficult to isolate people and photograph them without lots of other people or distractions around them. Overall I wasn’t very happy with this shoot and so I think that next time I go I will take a more confident approach and perhaps ask people to pose for pictures. I think that next time I would also take a flash because lots of my photos weren’t sharp and because people walk past quickly it is difficult to freeze them in motion.


Next time I go and shoot it will be St. David’s day and so the streets will be filled with patriotic people, dressing up in traditional costume and drinking. Hopefully this will provide me with lots more photo opportunities, as well as the confidence to ask individuals for portraits because I imagine that there will be many people with cameras out in the street. img_7086img_7117These photos of the man in the red coat are probably my favourite out of the ones I took but I still don’t think that they’re particularly strong images. I like how is jacked stood out very well against the pale wall behind. I also tried to frame him between the two blue windows, however he was walking ahead of me and I was unable to catch up with him before the moment had passed.img_7118

This photo of the girl stood outside of Cath Kidston has given me some inspiration perhaps base my photo style around colour, perhaps asking people wearing brightly coloured clothing to stand in front of either something very similar in colour or something that provides a stark contrast. img_7120img_7142

I quite like this photo because the woman is one of the only things in focus. I also like the colours in this photo, the nude coat is quite aesthetically pleasing against the sandy colour of the train station. img_7188img_7197img_7209


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