Photo Story | Shoot 3

My third shoot was meant to be of one of the Wednesday group sessions, however when I arrived we were told that the hall had been double booked and so we were sent away which was frustrating. So my next opportunity was another of the Saturday morning sessions at the garden centre. Only four people attended and so this obviously limited the types of photo I could get. They didn’t spend a lot of time actually playing and so when looking back at my images I think a lot of them were very similar. There weren’t any photos from this shoot that really stood out to me and were ones that I would want to put into my photo story and so I think I’m going to have to think of a new angle to take in order to get something more interesting out of it. I was shooting using a kit lens rather than the usual 50mm lens which allowed me to get some wider angle shots of the hall which is something that  haven’t photographed before.


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