Photo Story | Shoot 4

This was the first time that I successfully managed to shoot inside the village hall where the main practice takes place on a Wednesday night. However I definitely think that it can be improved. When I arrived I realised how poor the lighting was which I should have been more prepared for seeing as I had visited there before. I didn’t have a speed light with me and I was using a kit lens rather than a 50mm lens which meant my aperture couldn’t go very low. I did try a few shots with the built in flash but I really didn’t like the way they came out and so stuck to using the camera without flash.

I won’t be able to come back and shoot at the hall for another fortnight because next Wednesday I’ll be in Cardiff for Street. This means that I am going to need to make the most of the Saturday sessions. Next time I come to the proper practice sessions I’m going to bring a speed light with me and ask people if they wouldn’t mind having a portrait taken of the with their pipes. I think that this would make for a more interesting story than the candid style shots I have been taking so far.


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