Street | Shoot 2

After I found my approach to shooting quite unsuccessful last time I went to Cardiff I tried a different method. I took a flash with me and decided I would ask some people for their portrait. It was St David’s Day on the day we arrived and so there were plenty of people out wearing red and yellow. I felt more confident approaching people who were dressed up because I thought they would be more likely to say yes. I didn’t have one person say no to me which was unexpected. I tried to pick out people wearing bright colours because I thought that the colourful clothing would stand out well when I fired the flash, which I think was successful. A lot of the photos I took were of large crowds of people in the parade, I didn’t like these as much because there was no specific focus to them and I hadn’t thought about how I framed them.

Overall I think that this shoot was a lot more successful than my previous one. I think there a few frames that I could use to make up a series of street portraits, however not enough to use only portraits. I also like that the red and yellow in these photos links them altogether nicely.


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