Street | Shoot 3

The day after St David’s Day was much less busy, there was no one wandering around with Welsh flags and face paint and so I didn’t particularly want to stop and ask people for photos. One of the photos I took in my first shoot was of a man in a bright blue coat walking past this wall. I liked all the negative space around the subject and the way his coloured clothing stood out against the wall.

So I made my way back to the same spot and sat opposite the wall waiting for people to walk past. All of the photos below were taken in the space of about half an hour and so I think that if I had stayed for longer then it become quite an interesting series. At points when the sun was shining the subjects shadow was cast onto the wall which I liked. I was holding the camera and trying to get it level and so I think that it could work better if I had rested the camera on a surface or tripod so that all of the images were framed in exactly the same way.

Later on in the day I walked past a bench where a young man was speaking to an older lady and I thought that the lighting was good and so I took a few shots from the steps opposite that I quite liked. There were lots of people walking around and so I had to wait quite a while for them to move out of the way. In one of these photos a group of boys went past on skateboards and I decided to keep that frame because I liked the contrast between them and the older lady on the bench.

The next time I go to Cardiff will be on the day of the Wales V Ireland rugby game and so I’m hopeful that there will be more people out and dressed in bright colours. I think that I will continue to shoot in the different styles I have experimented with so far so that I have more options to choose from at the end.


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