Photo Story | Shoot 5

Today was another Saturday morning session at the garden centre, I wan’t actually planning on taking photos today, my main aim was to get my audio for the slideshow. I am planning on speaking to Iain about how he came to be in Cheltenham and when he learnt to play the pipes etc. Unexpectedly though Iain was tutoring someone and so he didn’t attend the session. Instead I took a few photos, some of which I have put below.

My next shoot will be on Wednesday which will be a bit different to the kind of thing I have been photographing up until now. There is an organisation called ‘The Butterfly Garden’ which is  run in the same place that the pipers practice.  ‘The Butterfly Garden’ is a project encouraging people with all kinds of disability to come and take part in gardening and crafts etc. They have a ceremony for the opening of a new building and Iain is going to attend and play the pipes and so I am going to attend and hopefully get photos of him in full piping gear.


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