Studio | Colour Film

These are the raw, scanned in files from my first attempt at shooting on coloured film. Overall I am really happy with how they came out considering it was a first attempt. I was using film with an ISO of 160 because I had planned to shoot in the studio using flash, however I ended up shooting most of my photos either outdoors or inside using window light.  The results of this practice run have made me feel more confident about shooting for my final portraits because I have a much better understanding of the process. I think that I am going to do another practise roll of film but try and make it closer to what I want my final images to look like. I’ll do this by finding a more suitable location and taking into consideration things like reflectors.

Oi Thats Wavey041Oi Thats Wavey042Oi Thats Wavey043Oi Thats Wavey044Oi Thats Wavey045Oi Thats Wavey046Oi Thats Wavey047Oi Thats Wavey048Oi Thats Wavey049Oi Thats Wavey050Oi Thats Wavey051Oi Thats Wavey052Oi Thats Wavey053Oi Thats Wavey054


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