Photo Story | Narrative

For the narrative of my photo story I’m planning on focussing in on Iain Willox, the pipe major and founder of the St Andrew’s Pipe Band. When sorting through my photos to create a narrative I would like for several of the ones in my magazine layout to include him. This is because much of the written article is going to be focussed on him and his opinions. The audio I have gathered is an interview with him about how the band came to be and about his experience of it. I’m going to take some of this audio and quote it in the article and so it will largely be based around his opinions.

I think I’m going to use this image for the opening page because I think that it summaries a lot of the things I talk about in the article well:


It shows Iain, who is the main subject of the article, he’s playing the pipes which are obviously a key element, and he is standing in the Butterfly Garden, which I also cover quite a bit. I also think it will work well as an opening page because theres plenty of negative space above him where I could place the headline text.

When making an edit out of all the photos I have taken over the weeks I knew I wanted to include photos with individuals in, photos with multiple people in and close up detail shots.

Some potential shots of individuals:

Potential group shots:

Potential detail shots:

In order for the narrative of the story to be successful I think I need to be able to show both the wider story of the band as a whole and show some of the different members, then I want to show a more in depth insight into one particular person. I then want to show details such as the instrument and the outfits. I also have quite a few close up photos of the pipers hands while they’re playing. This is because I think that their age is shown in their hands and I think that their age is an interesting element of the story.


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