Studio | Country Living Magazine Portraits

Within every issue of Country Living magazine there is a section called ‘Rural Business’ and this is the part of the magazine that I am aiming to shoot my portraits in the style of. They are often shot using natural lighting on location at the home of the business owner.

blogIn this issue from April 2017 they are covering a story about a woman who makes chocolates containing ingredients foraged from the land around her home. They have included portraits taken in the areas where she gathers the ingredients from. The subject does not look as though she has been posed or told what to wear, she is being photographed somewhere familiar and I think that this is reflected in the images.  These photos were taken by Jan Baldwin ( ).

18302310_1488469797838966_1679039840_n18308656_1488469787838967_1866078768_n18302555_1488469751172304_1499267780_n18302072_1488469811172298_505603367_nIn this issue from March 2017 they have photographed and written about a craftsman who makes ‘contemporary furniture’. The photos in this issue are more posed than in the earlier example. They have documented the subject standing with some of his work and inside his workshop.

18360529_1488469821172297_1653223162_n18302355_1488469831172296_543255547_nIt looks as though this photo was shot using natural window light which has a nice effect. The subject is dressed in a woollen jumper and his pose is relaxed. These photographs were taken by Emma Lewis ( ) .



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