Studio | Group Portrait

For my group photo I wanted to create a photo where both the subjects and the sky were correctly exposed. I used what I had learnt in our lecture on location lighting to help me create it. I used a light meter to get the correct exposure for the flash and for the sky and then took the photo using a speed light attached to the camera. I wanted to use the same lighting kit that we had used in the lecture because I found that it was very effective, however it was unavailable at the time of shooting and so I used a speed light instead.

I found the weather conditions at the time of shooting helped me to create the mood I wanted from the photo. There were quite dark, stormy clouds behind the subjects and then bright sunlight in front of them. I think that the combination of bright sunlight and the flash meant that I was able to light them in a way that made them stand out against the dark background. The settings I used were f/22, ISO 200 and a shutter speed of 1/160. The camera I used was Canon 70D with a 50mm lens.

As well as taking into consideration the quality of lighting, we also had to think about how we positioned our subjects in order to make an interesting portrait. I only had 3 subjects and so I was more limited in how I could place them. I decided to place Megan in the middle because she’s the tallest of the three. I took the photo from a low angle because I wanted to get plenty of sky in and try to cut out the green fence behind the subjects.



My final portrait:studio final group portrait



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