Street | Shoot 4

Yesterday I went and carried out my 4th street shoot in Cardiff. I decided that I liked how the photos I took of people walking past a wall especially when put together in a series. This time I wanted to find more locations to photograph in a similar style so that they weren’t all identical. I started off in the original location with the white walls and black windows but was really struggling to get successful photos because the wall is part of a car park and therefore there was a constant stream of cars coming in and out of the building which cut into my frame. This meant that I wouldn’t be able to use them because they would look slightly different to the ones that I took last time. Because of this I think that I’m going to have to go back again on a weekday when the street is less busy but there is still a regular stream of people.

I found this location worked quite well as a backdrop because it was bright and contained lots of lines. I took a tripod with me and so I was able to keep the camera in one place rather than constantly trying to line it up every time I wanted to take a photo. It was also helpful when it came to adjusting the photos because I didn’t have to crop them all differently. Ideally I would have liked to have found more places to shoot, but when I was wandering around I was really struggling to find places that were in the sunlight and were not obstructed by traffic. I was shooting using a 50mm lens and so I needed to be a certain distance away from the backdrop in order to fit the people in which meant I couldn’t use small alleyways etc. and instead needed to shoot from the other side of a road.



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