Photo Story | Final Evaluation

Photo Story Evaluation


When I was given the photo story brief I wanted to find a story that was local because that way I would be able to revisit the location for several different shoots, whereas if I had picked something closer to home I would have had to travel quite a distance and only been able to go a couple of times. I discovered the St Andrew’s Pipe Band while researching the Cheltenham Scottish Society and decided that it could make an interesting story.

When I was thinking about what my final photo story would look like I thought I would be photographing a full pipe band at formal events, however the outcome was quite different to this. I mostly attended the Saturday morning sessions because I found that the building allowed for naturally lit photos, whereas on the Wednesday evening sessions I had to use flash which I didn’t like to do whilst they were playing the instruments as it was quite a big distraction. My shoots ended up being quite varied in their locations, lighting and subjects and so I had to try and narrow it down to a specific story.

For my audio I asked Iain, the pipe major of the band, about the history of the band and how it was founded. I also recorded lots of sound from the Wednesday morning practice sessions, however it was of them practicing and so I found most of it to be unusable because they were often out of time and tune. I decided to use a small amount of the actual bagpipe playing in my slideshow because that was what the project was about in the first place.

For my magazine layout, I decided to use one large full bleed image on the first page, I went to that photo shoot with that image in my head and so I photographed Iain with a large amount negative space above his head so that I could place the headline there. I’m happy with how my final layout turned out, however I think I would’ve liked it if the text and photos could have followed a more specific narrative. I found that I covered a few different events/places/people that all make up the band and struggled a little to bring them together in a way that flowed naturally.


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