Studio | Proposal Update

I contacted Sarah Raven about photographing her for the brief, however she replied to let me know that she is doing a last minute garden for the Chelsea Flower Show and is barely at home, essentially politely declining my request. My other potential option would be to photograph my Dad, however he is also extremely busy working on a Chelsea Show Garden. I also find he is quite a difficult person to photograph and so with limited shots I don’t want to risk not getting anything worth using.

Instead I have spoken to a family friend, Vicki Woods. Vicki is a local business owner, running her own bed and breakfast ( . She also writes a blog ( and owns the baking company, Fabulous Bakes ( I feel as though she would be an appropriate subject to feature in the style of magazine I have been researching. Country Living Magazine has a feature in every issue that shows small business owners and their work and I think that Vicki’s lifestyle and career would fit well into a segment like this. I have spoken with Vicki and arranged to go and see her tomorrow when she is making a batch of rhubarb jam to photograph and blog about. I’m planning on photographing her at work, making the jam, and then also to get some stand alone portraits of her. I would like to shoot them in her kitchen because it is a very ‘Country Living’ style kitchen with plenty of wooden surfaces, an AGA and freshly cut flowers. However I’m relying on natural lighting for my portraits and because it’s quite an old building I’m not sure that the lighting will be good enough. If not I will either photograph her next to a window, or outside in her garden.


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