Studio| Portrait Location

For my portraits I am going to photograph my subject, Vicki, at her home in Heathfield, East Sussex. I have chosen this location because I think that it would be most relevant for my chosen publication. Vicki works from home and uses her garden as an important resource for her baking, jam making and cooking. She also uses her land to rear chickens and pigs for eggs and meat. There are various different potential locations for portraits within her land including:

  • an orchard
  • a lake
  • a small island with a bridge leading over to it
  • a large selection of flower beds full of colourful flowers
  • a vegetable garden
  • a greenhouse

I also plan on photographing Vicki within her own home which I think fits in well with the theme of Country Living magazine. Her kitchen is rustic looking with lots of vintage baking equipment and wooden surfaces and her living room areas are full of vintage looking furniture with mismatched fabrics. One of the entrances to her home is through an old barn door which splits down the middle which I think would make a nice portrait location. When I contacted Vicki about taking her portrait she told me that she has been photographed by Country Living magazine before for their ‘self employed’ section but was unhappy with the photos because she felt they didn’t represent her honestly and so asked for them not to be published.


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