Street | Shoot 5

For this shoot I decided that I wanted my narrative to be to do with people walking past walls with plenty of negative space around them. I already had 2 locations from my last shoot and so my aim for this shoot was to find at least 5 more to give me the 6 different locations for my 6 final images. However ideally I wanted to find more so that I would have more images to make an edit from. I was shooting on a Saturday and so like last time it was quite busy which meant that it was difficult to single out individuals without getting multiple people in the frame. At one point I decided to use this to my advantage and try and shoot in the same style but with multiple subjects in the frame (IMG_0137, IMG_0158, IMG_0173, IMG_0118) which I think would work quite well as a series.

In another of the locations I also noticed by chance that quite a few of the people walking past were wearing a red item of clothing and so I made sure to capture as many of those as I could to create another potential series.

One of the issues that I faced during this shoot was that the tripod I took with me was broken, one of the legs would not stay up. This meant that I just had to hold the camera as still as I could which often meant sitting down and balancing it on my knee. I wanted to keep every frame as similar as possible because it would make the editing/adjusting process much easier because I could crop them all in the exact same way.

Overall I was really happy with the results of this shoot and I think that I have produced quite a few of the images that will feature in my final 20.




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