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In case my shoots with Vicki were unsuccessful I wanted to make sure that I had another few images to choose from and so I shot this roll of film. These portraits are all of my mother who I believe would still fit into the Country Living magazine style. Similarly to Vicki she owns her own B&B business as well as co-owning an award winning landscaping company with my dad. I shot the photos on location at the plant nursery in East Sussex. The negatives were all scanned in using the Epson flat bed scanners which means that the focus in some of them might change from the top to the bottom of the image.

studio011I’m not sure that this photo would be used in a magazine because it doesn’t really look very country living, however I think that the ‘Dundee’ sign post shows how important my mother’s Scottish roots are and so it might be relevant in a character profile that might feature in a gardening magazine.

studio013I like the lighting in this photo, specifically the way the shadows of the branches fall onto the subject. I also like that the foreground is the part of the image that isn’t in focus, leaving the subject in the background sharp. I only took one photo in this place and it would have been good to take a few more, experimenting with the lighting, for example it would have been better to have her eyes in the sunlight rather than the shadow.

studio017I’m not sure about the way I have posed the subject in this photo, the turn of her head looks quite unnatural and her facial expression doesn’t look particularly happy.

studio008I really like the lighting in this photo, the way it falls on the back of her head rather than onto her face and how the right hand side of the background is in sunlight while the left hand side is in shade.

studio021This is my favourite portrait out of the whole roll of film. I think that her facial expression is relaxed along with her pose. I also really like the colours in it, the green in the background and her green cardigan work nicely together.studio019I wasn’t too sure about this picture at first because she wasn’t particularly posing, however I think that it would work quite well in a Country Living magazine because it provides context and shows her in a working environment rather than posing in a studio.

studio014studioedit1For my final portraits I’m going to stay with my original plan to show Vicki, however it has been useful to have the choice and I think that my confidence using the Mamiya 645 has grown as a result of these shoots.


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