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This piece of text is intended for a sub editor or for the publication to edit, not directly for print, it provides the key elements of Vicki Woods’ life that I wanted to capture in my portraits but I think it could be worded in a more professional style that is appropriate for my chosen publication (Country Living magazine) :

Living and working from her family home in rural Sussex with her husband, two teenage children and Lottie the dog, Vicki Woods is an excellent example of how to run a successful rural business whilst also maintaining a healthy balance with family life. She is most at home in her garden and orchard where she gathers many of the ingredients used in her baking and cooking, experimenting with her own recipes for jams, marmalades and cakes. Those that are successful are then written down and posted on her blog,, for everyone to enjoy.

As well as running a Great Taste award winning baking company (, Vicki also owns and single handedly runs an extremely successful Bed and Breakfast from her rustic country home. Guests visiting the bed and breakfast are provided with a breakfast made using entirely local ingredients including eggs from her own rare breed chickens, homemade bread and meat from rare breed, Sussex pigs reared on her land. Vicki aims to provide people with an authentic experience of the ‘good life’ in Sussex, and says that her general philosophy is that “if I can do something myself, I will”. Her passion for baking and cooking combined with her love of Sussex life has resulted in a rural business of ever growing success.



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