Studio | Final Edit


These are the photos I have chosen for my final edit. Out of all of the portraits I took of Vicki I feel as though these work best as a set and I think that they would fit well into an article in Country Living Magazine. I think that the one of her leaning against the gate could be potentially be used as the opening image of an article because there is enough negative space above her head where text could be placed. The only landscape one could potentially be used as double page spread because the guttering would fall in the space between the subject and the window. I have included the two different locations that I’ve shot in, the garden and inside Vicki’s country home.

Overall I am happy with my final portraits, however if I was given the opportunity to re shoot then I would make some changes. Firstly I would have liked to have shot the portraits over several days so that I could have had some variety in the natural lighting. On the day that I took these images it was fairly cloudy and I would have liked for there to be more direct sunlight. I did shoot a roll of film on sunnier day but I did something wrong with the camera and so the whole roll of film came out blank. I would also have shot several more rolls of film so that I could re shoot the same set up several times so that I would have more options to choose from.


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